Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebrations at DPS Dwarka Expressway

We, at DPS Dwarka Expressway, celebrated Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurpurab, also known as Guru Nanak's Prakash Utsav through a special assembly. This auspicious day celebrates the birth of the first Sikh Guru and is one of the most sacred festivals in Sikhism. As we celebrated the festival in all its sanctity, our students danced, sang and prayed in praise of the almighty. Students were also made to understand Guru Nanak Dev Ji's baani in order to instill good values in them. 
The three guiding principles of spiritual life were shared with Dipsites :
  1. Vand Chhakkna: Always share what you have with others. Help those who are in need. 
  2. Kirat Karna: Earn money honestly and without ever resorting to fraud or exploitation. 
  3. Naam Japna: Always remember God and practice ceaseless devotion to Him by constantly chanting His name.  
On this auspicious day, wishing everyone a Very Happy Gurpurab!! 



An initiative was taken by young Dipsites to promote green and clean Diwali. A Green Diwali campaign was organized at Global Foyer where the message was conveyed.

Navadurga are nine manifestations of the goddess.  All these forms are worshipped during the festival of Navratri where each of the nine manifested forms are venerated respectively for each night.
Our students of Grade III were courageous enough to personify these forms of Maa Durga which are:  Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidhatri. Their performance took us to a space where everything around is divine. The live musical dance performance represented by our Dipsites of Grade III was commendable. All parents and staff alike were elated to see the children do so well. 

- Trailer of 1st Annual Function

We are delighted to announce that DPS Dwarka Expressway is expanding to another campus in Sector 103, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon. Our sincere gratitude for the overwhelming response by the parents and their kids to the first campus which gave us the confidence to spread our wings further. Admissions open for the new campus now. To know more, watch Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Admissions Counselor explain the details in this video.  

Meet Ms. pooja Sharma who works as a psychotherapist and counselor at DPS Dwarka Expressway.
Watch this video where she explains about the importance of Mental health and how DPS Dwarka Expressway has started various programs in order to help students to live a balanced life.


One of the most trusted name in the field of education - DPS Dwarka Expressway!
DPS Dwarka Expressway works under the guidance and support from the DPS Society, the most trusted name in education. The society empowers our teachers through regular workshops on a variety of subjects.
Here is Ms. Prabhleen Kaur, Senior Coordinator at the school on how we keep the DPS flag high by building a vibrant and techno-savvy institution with a child-centered curriculum to ensure holistic development of each child.


Ensuring a bright future to your child at DPS Dwarka Expressway At DPS Dwarka Expressway, we put the holistic developmental needs of the students at par with their academic growth. Here is Ms. Adya Ahuja, the Activity Incharge explaining how the school translates this vision into action with activities such as Skating, Swimming, Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, Self Defence, Taekwando, excursions and many more.

Krishna has been bringing positivity in our lives forever. His presence can be felt today through our little children and their innocence.  Krishna was born in the darkness of the night, into the locked confines of a jail. However, at the moment of his birth, all the guards fell asleep, the chains were broken and the barred doors gently opened. Similarly, as soon as Krishna (awareness) takes birth in our hearts, all darkness (negativity) fades. All chains of Ego, I, Me, Myself are broken. And all prison doors we keep ourselves in like Caste, Religion, Profession, Relations and more, are opened.  That is the real message and essence of Janamashtami. Our little Dipsites depicted each phase of Krishna and his journey through Tableaus around the school foyer. The show began with the auspicious lamp lighting and summed up with a mesmerising Rasleela that our students of pre primary had put forward for themselves, all educators, staff members and most importantly, their lovely parents. We wish we celebrate many more occasions with parents and children together.

Watch students of DPS Dwarka Expressway thanking their teachers on the occasion of Teachers Day
Students of DPS Dwarka Expressway surprised their teachers by telling them how grateful they are by having them in their lives. 


Important Points to be kept in mind during the exams
Watch Ms. Meena Ramnish the school's headmistress explain the important points to be kept in mind during the exams.  


GrandParents Day Celebrations at DPS Dwarka Expressway.


Inter Class Choral Competition - Pre Primary Grades
Rhymes have the ability to take one back into an different era altogether. They are evergreen and still teach us so much. Considering that rhymes are such an important part of the lives of young Dipsites, we organized an inter-class choral competition for the students of our pre-primary wing.
We loved how all parents enjoyed watching their kids on the stage. The efforts put in by our students and teachers were commendable.  


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”- Mahatma Gandhi
These few words said by the father of the nation mean so much. His idea of Swachhta was well depicted in all his missions. The honourable Prime Minister carried this motto of Swachhta Hi Sewa and implemented all necessary measures to facilitate the ban on single-use plastic to conserve our mother earth.
Under the Nation Wide Sanitation Campaign, “Swachhta Hi Sewa”, DPS Dwarka Expressway is taking all measures to ensure the use of plastic can be dissuaded. Our students of Grade VIII organized a rally in the school to enlighten all about the harmful effects of the use of plastic. They
also introduced the students to some alternatives that can be used instead of plastic.
We have ensured that our student brings steel tiffin boxes and bottles to the school instead of plastic ones. We are proud to say that we have joined hands with the world to make a difference.  


Students at DPS Dwarka Expressway not only performed a presentation on the battle war between Ram and Ravan, but also ensured that all of us know about some life lessons that the age old epic of Ramayana gives us.
Happy Dussehra to the DPS family! May we all burn the evil and enlighten our path of life.

Bullying Awareness Program
DPS Dwarka Expressway has taken the initiative to create awareness regarding the most important threat in today's scenario which is bullying. Let's join our hands and spread the word to create more awareness and live a bullying free life.
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Annual Day Celebration

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Mother's Day Celebration 2019:

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