Service Learning


Service learning focuses on cooperative experiences rather than competitive ones, thereby promoting skills associated with teamwork and community involvement.

At DPS Gurugram high-quality service-learning is a part of the school culture, where children are given opportunities and experiences to enable them to make a difference in their community while gaining a sense of self-efficacy along with increasing their classroom learning. Students are able to look at the academic curriculum in the context of a real-world service experience.

Service learning offers children opportunities to engage themselves in problem-solving by gaining knowledge with respect to their service-learning activity and community challenges, rather than by only having to draw upon generalized or abstract knowledge that might come from just a textbook. As a result, service-learning provides excellent opportunities for acquiring important traits such as critical thinking; i.e. the ability to identify the most relevant questions or issues within a real-world situation.

Field Trip

The main objective of conducting a field trip for students is to reinforce experiential and contextual learning.

Field trips are a way to enhance whatever the students are learning in class by making real world connections. Depending on the trip itself, students have the opportunity to observe a particular environment that gives them first-hand experience of what they have learnt. In addition, students achieve a higher level of critical thinking when they evaluate their own learning compared with what they are exposed to, and they are able to modify their knowledge based on their personal experiences.

Field trips also offer students and teachers the opportunity to interact outside of the classroom. Field Trips help students bond with each other and also enhance their social skills and life skills.

Out Bound Trips

We organize outbound trips to provide a rich exposure to our students to experience learning in wider contexts and situations. It also helps our students to engage with challenges both physically and mentally, so that adaptability and flexibility to survive in different situations become a meaningful and real context of taking part in the educational journey. These programs will help our students to develop their own niche and enjoy life with the highest sense of living with a purpose.

The program is carefully structured keeping learning needs in focus. For students, exciting activities like trekking, hiking, valley crossing, rock climbing and camping are planned which helps in channelizing their energy in positive direction. Such experiences help in stretching their abilities in every sense, to take risks and to grow by understanding of shared leadership in a survival situation.

Club & Societies

At DPS Gurugram different clubs & societies gives the students an opportunity to explore their choices and their passion. Following clubs are available:

Through these clubs our students will get opportunities to deepen their knowledge, and develop personal-social qualities and skills related to the world of work.

Group A

Math Club

Math is a cakewalk with fun and interactive math activities.

Einstein Club

Inspiring students to achieve more than just what we expect in the classroom.

IT Club

Packed with rich multimedia content to make learning exciting!

Ecology Club

Multidisciplinary environmental club designed for the dissemination of broad and impactful learning

Leader's Club

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Reader's Club

Audio and visual phonics approach makes reading easy and fun

Group B

Creative Club

In-house art studio for activities and games for kids to learn while having lots of fun.

Flameless Cooking Club

Watching little master-chefs at cooking stations

Table Tennis Club

Certified coaches

Tennis Club

Understanding of the sport and technique for a strong foundation.

Chess Club

Kid-to-coach interaction, top grandmasters, exciting hands-on activities

Music (Instrumental) Club

Introducing students to several fascinating musical instruments

Dramatic Club

Teaching stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design

Skating Club

Specialized skating arena where children master the fun-filled sport.

Badminton Club

Strive to provide the best and unique training facilities and methods.

Dance Club

Teaching children about music, rhythm, and beat.