Senior (XI- XII)

Students of Class XI and XII may take Science, Commerce or Humanities course, each of which cover 5 subjects.

The Science Course:  English, Physics and Chemistry are the compulsory subjects for the students .  
The Medical Stream : This has Biology as the fourth subject while the fifth subject can be Maths or Psychology. 
The Non Medical Stream : This has fourth subject as Mathematics and  the fifth subject can be Computer Science or Economics. 
The Commerce Course: English, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics are compulsory subjects. For the fifth subject, students have a choice of Mathematics / Psychology.
The Humanities Course: English is a compulsory subject. Other choices are :
- Economics 
- History / Fine Arts / Geography / Maths 
- Political Science / Fashion Design 
- Psychology
(Physical Education can be opted as the sixth subject in all the streams in class XII only.)

The class XII course culminates in the All India Senior Secondary Examinations, which is also conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

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