Examination System

As per C.B.S.E. the school will follow a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) that covers all aspects of the students’ development ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural & social development and not merely limited to academics till primary grades.

PRE-PRIMARY (Pre-Nur, Nur & K.G.)

The academic year will be divided into four Boosters. School will be conducting fun loving assessments which will be based on orals, activities, projects and worksheets. The child’s progress will be shared regularly on P.T.M’s through the grading system.


The academic year will have two terms of 100 marks each

FIRST TERM: April to September- Periodic 1 (40%) + Half Yearly (60%) wherein 5% weightage of Notebooks and 5% weightage of Subject enrichment activities 

SECOND TERM: October to March- Periodic 2 (40%) + Annual exam (60%) wherein 5%  weightage  of Notebooks and 5%  weightage  of Subject enrichment activities

Grade 1 to 4: Covering syllabus as provided

Grade 5: Term 1: Entire syllabus covered till then.

               Term 2: 10% of Term 1 syllabus alongwith entire syllabus of Term 2

The students will be awarded grades alongwith their marks score.


As per C.B.S.E's new format- 'uniform system of assessment, examination and report card' every learner will be evaluated in two terms in a year. Each term specifying marks score for periodic, notebook and subject enrichment in each subject and the corresponding grades. It will also have co-scholastic assessment where students will be graded on a 3-point scale.

Term 1 exams for all the classes from VI onwards will be based on syllabus covered till the exam time, the syllabus for yearly exams i.e Term 2 will cover increasing syllabus starting with 10% for class VI, 20% for class VII and 30% for class VIII.
  C.B.S.E aspires to prepare the students for class IX and higher classes where they will have to appear for exams for the entire syllabus, but gradually.


As per C.B.S.E, grade 9 onwards students will appear for exams for the entire syllabus at year end. Grade 9 and Grade 11 assessments will happen within the school whereas Grade 10 and Grade 12 student will appear for external examination i.e Board exams.


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