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Day 3 at Nainital Adventure Camp was all about team spirit. Our campers from DPS started their day early morning at 6:00 and they were ready to take on the day without a wake up call. They learnt punctuality in the past days at the camp. The day commenced with some camp games which were all about team effort where team Green Grenades and Black Commandos put in all their efforts to make their team win. They were scored for all these games to finally win the best team of the camp which the students were eagerly waiting for to be announced in the evening before departure in the award ceremony. Students were now famished after heart racing games and rushed to the dining area for a filling and mouth watering meal. 

After finishing breakfast, all students gathered together for another set of camp games. One very interesting game was Ping Pang Pong where the teachers also participated and all played together as one. It was a competitive yet fun game. The students were now excited for "Gorilla Warfare", a survival treasure hunt where they were supposed to find cues reading a map, collect resource material to prepare tea, construct a catapult, design a stretcher for make-believe injured trekkers and prepare bombs with balloons all by themselves. they found out all types material reading the map from the forest. Here, the strategizing skills and team efforts of all students were put to play. It was the most exciting activity in all these days of the camp and our campers enjoyed it the most. 

The spirit was visible and oozing out of each camper. After the long activity, the campers rushed back to the campsite for the most awaited energy drink. It's become our students' favourite! The students then went to their cottages to get some rest and then gathered back for a finger licking lunch spread. They rushed their lunch in their tummies because they were so excited for something they were longing for, the shopping spree to Mall road. Our campers trekked to the mall road and shopped their way to happiness and contentment. Our campers refuse to come back home, they're too happy in the lap of nature with cool breeze and greenery and all things natural!

    Day 2 at campsite Nainital was truly a caving paradise. Campers started early morning at 6:30am, all set for their morning exercise for which they started with a wake up call at 6am. DPS campers found their way through an obstacle course, one by one. After successfully completing the obstacle course, our students were eagerly waiting for the breakfast spread to energise themselves for the rest of the day. After breakfast, they made sure that they are well dressed and geared up for a caving hiking trip. Hiking for 20 minutes and then squeezing the selves through wild caves in the hills is an experience each student will remember for a lifetime. Caving through thin caves while crawling, duck walking, side walking, climbing, sliding was an extreme enthralling experience. Students came back to the base camp for a quick energy drink before they play games at the campsite itself till fresh and lavish lunch was being prepared for them. It had been a exhausting yet exciting day therefore delectable and healthy food was important. After lunch and some rest, campers were ready for a 3km survival trek to the hill top to prepare Maggi for themselves where they collected wood themselves, prepared Maggi and enjoyed their time together as a team. Team building is important and one should always work in a team for success.
    Campers trekked back to campsite together sharing their experience on the way.
      After a long yet exciting journey from Gurgaon to Nainital, our campers were ready to face the day full of enthralling activities. Started the day with a scrumptious breakfast to fuel themselves up for the day. Students freshened up and geared up for a briefing session where they were divided in groups "Black Panthers" and "Green Grenade"fter which our DPS campers trekked their way to a zip line site where they enjoyed the thrill of zip lining. Since it had been a long session of zip lining, covers trekked back to the base camp where they were welcomed by a lavish spread of lunch and energy drink to boost up energy levels after a long trek. After lunch, the students left for their cottages to get some rest so they are ready for another set of activities, mountain climbing and rappelling. Each student got a wonderful experience after which they trekked back to the base camp for evening snacks, tea and coffee over journal writing to share their experiences and later enjoy bonfire to ware off the chill.
        DPS Dwarka Expressway, Sec 102 A is organizing a mothers day event to celebrate the bond of unfathomable love that exists between a mother and her child on 11th May 2019, 9:00 AM onwards. As a part of these celebrations, we are inviting mothers and grandmothers to participate in various interesting activities along with their children. Having three generations give their best in team activities is going to be an absolutely amazing sight! Some of the exciting activities for mothers include music, dance, stand-up comedy, team games with their children and Just a Minute activity. In addition, the students will perform Nukkad Natak and Dance Performance to celebrate their mothers and show their love.
          Someone wisely said that since God could not be everywhere, he created mothers. In order to celebrate the selfless love of these often unsung heroes, DPS organized Mother's day celebrations on 8th May, where students took part in various activities. Some of them are:

          * Students made their mother's first name bracelet and took it back as a token of love for their mothers. 
          * Cards were made by students where they mentioned 2 best things they like about their mother. 
          * Debate was conducted for Grade VI to VIII on the topic- Whether our mothers should work or not?

            We Dipsites celebrated the World Laughter Day on 4th May together. We showed our pearly whites, gave out our best belly laugh, forgot our worries and enjoyed life's best medicine’

            The day was celebrated to spread awareness of Laughter's role in Happy and Healthy mind and body. We conducted an assembly where students participated in laughter activity. Educators made a presentation on laughter and its importance to the Dipsites. Together, we gave each other a reason to laugh out loud.

              At DPS Dwarka Expressway,we celebrated International Dance day along with Labour day today. Dipsites were made aware regarding various dance forms in India and all over the world. Team from grade III to VIII presented a few dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Hip Hop, Break dance and were joined by other students and school's helper staff to shake a leg on the catchy dance numbers.

              Students were sensitised regarding the support that the facility staff offers, to keep our surroundings beautiful. It was refreshing to see how the facility staff spoke on stage, sang songs and shared their feelings regarding the celebration. Students gave them gifts which created an aura of happiness all over.

              The idea behind celebrating both days together was to sensitise children regarding the team work and show gratitude towards the most hard working staff of any organization i.e. Facility/helper staff.
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                "Energy and persistence conquer all things. ~ Benjamin Franklin "