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Summer Skating Event
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Many congratulations to Devesh from grade Vth for winning the 2nd prize in Summer Skating Event held at RSS Academy Sec 65, Gurugram. He was felicitated by our Headmistress Ms. Sumita Gupta.


    Saturday Activity Day
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      Reading Activity
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      Children were taught how to read through pictures.


        Green Day (Earth Day)
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        Green is the colour of Nature and Hope and symbolizes Self-Respect and Wellbeing'. It is also associated with learning, growth and harmony.

        Wednesday is the day of green and our children from DPS Dwarka Expressway celebrated this day and its significance.  They were given the message to keep their surrounding clean and beautiful by planting more trees and saying “No to plastic bags and yes to dustbins”. Where on one hand our young Dipsites came to school dressed in pretty green attire and looked eco-friendly, our primary graders planted the seeds and decorated their planters.  The classrooms were beautifully decorated in green theme and various activities ,fun filled races & workshop pertaining to green colour were organized for the children. The Day was spent with utmost enjoyment.

          "The colour of love and smile illuminates the air with energy, vigour and exuberance…”

          The ‘Red Colour Day’ was celebrated at DPS Dwarka Expressway by the pre-primary wing with great enthusiasm. The children were introduced to the mesmerizing realm of colours. ‘Red’ colour symbolises enthusiasm, life and vitality. The shades of red made our tiny tots felt bright and cheerful.

          The day started off with the warm welcome where kids came dressed in red and carried red fruit for their breakfast. It was a spectacular and scintillating day where children danced on different rhymes and enjoyed themselves.


            World Health Day
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              The department of mental health and behavioral sciences, Fortis Healthcare, under the aegis of Dr Samir Parikh, conducted a special workshop on how to care for the environment.

              As part of the pro-social peer moderator programme, the workshop was aimed at expanding the emotional connection between people and their natural world.

              The pro-social peer moderator programme is a Fortis School Mental Health initiative focusing on application-based life skills. The workshop followed a peer mentoring model in which 80 students from 12 schools acrossGurgaon were given training at Fortis Hospital to become ambassadors for the environment and conduct similar sessions for their fellow students. 

              “As mental health experts, we understand the importance of the relatedness of people with nature. It has been our endeavor to use insights from the field of eco-psychology to build awareness and motivate young children to become more empathetic towards the environment. We have launched a campaign, #HappyEarthHappyPeople, because we believe that well-being and environment are closely related,” said Dr Samir Parikh.

              As part of this workshop, students planted saplings on the hospital premises. They were also encouraged to adopt a plant in the vicinity of their homes and school and take care of it. The children also committed to a weekly digital detox, to reduce their dependency on technology. 

                “Amidst the rich harvest across the greenery
                Baisakhi has arrived in all its majesty
                So let’s rejoice and celebrate in style”

                Dipsites celebrated Baisakhi with great enthusiasm and the entire school campus was immersed in the spirit of festivity as the little ones came dressed in ethnic attire representing the punjabi culture.

                The day started with the students shaking their legs on scintillating Punjabi folk dance numbers. The tiny tots enjoyed the beats of the dhol and their joy had no limit. The significance of Baisakhi was highlighted by showing them wheat crop and grains of wheat and how the crops were harvested by the farmers. The children were appraised of their culture and heritage.

                  Schools are critical infrastructure entrusted with the responsibility of creating citizens of tomorrow. A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning, thus ensuring safety of children, teachers and staff members is prime. At DPS Dwarka Expressway, we believe that the facility staff (HK & Guarding) are always on the forefront and should be empowered with the techniques and ways of making our immediate environment safe and secure. With this motivation, we conducted a fire safety workshop for our staff which proved a learning experience for all, as it prepared and built our capacity when responding to disasters.


                    First Day at School
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                    School bells are ringing loud and clear, vacations are over, school is here.” “Play, learn and grow together”. With great zeal and enthusiasm, the new session started at Delhi Public School, Sector 102A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram. The institution left no stone unturned to make the day special and memorable for all the students. Loads of fun-filled activities were planned and meticulously carried out for the students. The day commenced with ice-breaking activities. Class Educators gave welcome cards and bookmarks as a token of love and to create a bond with students. Students watched interesting story videos on the smart board. It was a light and happy day. An optimistic and vibrant environment was created which filled the students with energy and enthusiasm. It was definitely a dazzling day with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting joy, love and happiness. #FirstDayAtSchool #DPS #DPSGurgaon #DPSDwarkaExpressway
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                      "Life lets everyone live lots of stories each in it’s own time. ~ Gail E. Haley "