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It is well said, if you change your language, it magically changes your mindset. We, at DPS Dwarka Expressway, acknowledge the fact that our educators strive hard each day to bring a smile to the innocent faces of our children. To facilitate their efforts with some meaningful learning, we organised a workshop for our pre primary educators on Rational Emotive Behaviour by Ms. Adya Ahuja, a Counselling Psychologist. The motive of this workshop was to ensure that our educators learn something new about regulating their thoughts, in the way they feel they require, with some fool-proof techniques. 

The workshop began with a fun and quick ice breaker for all participants to free their minds and also to encourage team building. This was followed by an intensive workshop that incorporated various irrational beliefs and disputing the same to lead a life based on rationality. The workshop helped our educators practice changing little things in their language to completely change the way they think and internalise their surroundings. It was extremely useful for our educators to understand the mindset of children from a whole new perspective. It was an extremely interactive session and well appreciated. We love how our educators never want to stop learning! 
    Blue, the colour, reminds us of nature, water and the sky. Pre-primary celebrated blue day, wherein the children came dressed up in blue attire. A ramp walk with background music was arranged for the children where they walked on blue sketches drawn on the floor. Our beautiful little Dipsites made our day with their smiles. The backdrop was decorated with blue balloons for our little ones where they could play with these balloons. Children were also offered a special blue drink, blue lagoon, which they relished as it was something new that they were doing, apart from their routine school activities. As a Blue day craft activity, the Children made a whale with thermocol glasses.  We were delighted to see our students have a gala time.
      Children of pre-primary wing participated in a deliciously fun-filled activity. All little kids donned the caps of Chefs and made sandwiches.

      Each of them brought materials from home and it was a different and super fun experience for them to cook what they are used to eating everyday. Dipsites MasterChefs were supported by their teachers in preparing the sandwich.

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        A science lab is formalized room which carries out poking and prying activities for the purpose of generating results.'

        Identification of the whorls of the flower by hands-on experience and understanding make learning more engaging and interesting. Our Dipsonians enjoyed the dissection of hibiscus flower in Science Lab and studied all the whorls of the flower with their functions. It was a wonderful experience for students to learn about hibiscus flower in detail and their excitement could be easily observed while performing the activity.

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          As Rumi once said “Raise your words, not your voice. It is the rains that make the flower grow, not the thunder.”

          With a similar spirit, we decided to organize the Spell Bee competition. We witnessed our Dipsites expand their vocabulary through this competition. Not only did the competition helped them spell words correctly, but it also encouraged them to understand the meaning and usage of the words. The competition was held for each class and a winner was announced at the end. A follow up intergrade competition will be organized in the month of August to decide the final winner from amongst the champions of each grade.

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            How nice would it be if we could just play all day and learn so much without even trying too hard! That’s exactly the idea behind our newly introduced session for Dipsites. DPS Dwarka Expressway is truly inspired by TED Talks and taking inspiration from the same, we have introduced “Pep Talks” for our students.  Pep Talks, at DPS Dwarka Expressway, provide food for thought to our students. These talks are quick sessions with students where every time something new will be introduced to them that is in addition to their curriculum. There are a number of areas we would like to touch upon with our students, some concerns around the society, some important points to take note of and some extra knowledge! 

            Our new initiative was executed for the first time today with our little Dipsites. Grade I to III joined us for a Pep Talk on ‘Safe and Effective Use of Resources Around You’. 

            We started with a game where students played Passing the Parcel with a twist. It brought a big smile to all our faces to see them so excited right in the morning with so much energy just at the name of the game. It was satisfying to see students learn and respond all along with having fun in the morning Pep Talk session. 

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              We, at DPS Dwarka Expressway, celebrated Doctor’s Day on 10th of July with all our dear students.  Grade I to III stepped into the shoes of a doctor by doing “Dress up Doctor” with their classmates. Our little doctors learnt about importance of doctors in our lives.Dressing up like one and treating one another in a make-belief fun activity where their speaking skills, empathy and kindness were put to play. They even enacted some impromptu small skits with their classmates. While Dipsites enjoyed this fun activity, our students from Grade IV and V were involved in a more learning based and hands on activity where they made stethoscopes themselves using basic material available around us. Our students simply loved making their own stethoscopes. They moved around their class checking each other’s heart beat. The “lub-dub” sound excited them. Students were also showed a Digital Blood Pressure Machine, a real Stethoscope and a Thermometer while they were explained the usage of these equipment used by doctors to analyse a patient’s health. Students tried using these equipment and read through a handout that was shared with them for their better understanding of the concept of these equipment used by doctors. We saw our victory when we noticed students asking interesting questions to our educators equipment used in the field of medicine. We knew we made a difference!

              Our senior grades were not behind. As it started with fun activities for junior classes, an informative workshop was conducted for our senior grades, VI to VIII. The workshop incorporated various branches of medicine and the work of various types of doctors. It was satisfying to see how our students’ face lit up knowing about types of doctors that they never knew before. Some of them even shared their experiences with different types of doctors. To make sure that our students learnt from our workshop, we encouraged them to write about their learning from the session. A worksheet was also conducted to reinforce the knowledge shared in the session with our senior grades. 

              It is was one of those days at school when all of us, as educators, felt like we imparted something great! We pledge to continue to do so!


                Welcome Activity
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                It was finally the day we all at DPS were waiting for. To bring a smile to their face is what we all work for each day, each minute. We welcomed back our students with open arms and big smiles after we missed them for long. We planned various activities for them but before all these activities, our students greeted their favourite Minion right at the entrance and had a gala time with it. We started with an energised morning assembly welcoming our students which was followed by a fun dance session with the Minion. Grade I to III danced their hearts out. They were all warmed up to have a great time at school after a long vacation. 

                Various activities starting from a super fun puppet show for pre-primary students where they were also presented a welcome back token. We believe that all parents do their best to make their child happy and we, as educators, thought it would be nice if parents received a “Thank You” letter from their child for all the efforts that they put in for them. We hope you loved reading how our children poured their hearts out on the paper for you. All grades did the “stick it on the board” where students wrote one thing that they missed about school the most on a sticky note and pasted it on the board for everyone to see who missed which part of the school the most. Grade IV and V were encouraged to do a “3..2..1..” worksheet where their thinking skills were facilitated and Grade VI to VIII were encouraged to reflect back on half of the year that has passed and set a goal for the year that is yet to come. 

                We’re sure all our children are as excited to start again after a long vacation as we are!!

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                  Workshop on Multiple Intelligence(Teaching staffs of grade 1-8)
                  A teachers’ workshop on Multiple Intelligence was taken by the School counsellor, Ms. Pooja Sharma   ...News & Events

                  The workshop started with a video giving a brief insight on the various intelligence advocated by specialist, Howard Gardner. The teachers were briefed about the multiple intelligence theory with the help of a power point presentation.

                  For years, teachers recognised that the traditional measures of intelligence, such as the IQ test, were reasonably good at predicting a student’s school performance. However, in time, they realised that this  did not accurately represent or assess the diversity of ways in which people learn.

                  Ms. Pooja Sharma encouraged educators to start thinking of intelligence as a set of many different abilities and skills that help an individual learner comprehend, examine, and respond to different types of content. She explained that 90% of the success in teaching comes from sharp observation of the teacher. She emphasized upon four different kinds of multiple intelligence  -  visual, auditory, kinesthetic and gustatory on the basis of which educators should plan their lesson plans and execute them accordingly. She also laid stress on differently abled learners like ADHD, AUTISTIC, SLOW LEARNER, DYSLEXIC, DYSGRAPHIA, & DYSCALCULIA. 

                  Overall it was a highly interactive and application-based workshop.


                    Workshop on Multiple Intelligence(for Pre Primary grades staffs)
                    It’s not how smart you are but how you are smart. A teachers’ workshop on Multiple Intelligence wa   ...News & Events

                    The teachers were  oriented about  the  importance of  assessing the multiple intelligence in all the students in the classroom through simple observation, school records, interaction with parents, students etc. Teaching aids like lesson plans should be only prepared keeping in mind all these intelligence. For   example,  there might be children in the classroom who are high on auditory intelligence; hence activities like peer-sharing, active discussion and interactions might work for them. However, at the same time there might be other students who might be high on visual  intelligence, who would not be very active with classroom interaction; hence one needs to use images, pictures, movies, to visualize accurately and abstractly.

                    The workshop concluded with an interactive activity for teachers to help them understand the application of the various Multiple Intelligences in the classroom. Teachers were given a questionnaire on a worksheet which they had to answer and then categorize themselves as visual, auditory, kinesthetic or Ad. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone as they got to know each other very well.

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