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English Training Workshop
English Training Workshop   

Language is the vehicle of thought. It is the means of getting an idea from one’s brain to another person’s brain. On 26th June, 2019, DPS, Dwarka Expressway organized a teacher enrichment programme for the Department of English. Eminent Faculty of English, Mr. Mahohar Nagpal, who has served at various institutes in the department of English and has extraordinary experience of over three decades, graced our school as he came with an ocean of knowledge about English language. All teachers till grade III and all English Faculty members of the school actively participated in the workshop. Mr. Nagpal shared such lovely facts about English language and deeply explained about the basics of grammar as well as the complexities in English language that exist. He enlightened our educators on the techniques that can be used to teach students English language and make it easy for them. He shared some fun and interesting facts like FLACCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION is the longest English meaningful word.He explained about usage of vowels, semivowels, consonants, word formation, vacuum silent words. He explained the nitty-gritties of English language and explained how an educator must teach as per the weakest child instead of focusing on the brightest child in the classroom. Mr. Nagpal also shared a few worksheets and handouts for the educators to solve and learn through them.

As rightly said by Mr. Manohar Nagpal, “Our efforts pay. But our perseverance pays us handsomely.” we feel immense pleasure to have had a chance to learn from a man of great perseverance and determination and a will to learn.
    Another Joyful moment for DPS Dwarka Expressway, Sector 102, Gurugram!

    Danica Singh of DPS Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram was awarded as best kid model 2019 in Mr. Dashing, Miss & Mrs, Gorgeous 2019, season 2. The Fashion Show was organized by Nav Drishya Film Production held at Omaxe Connaught Place Mall, Greater Noida.
      DPS - Dwarka Expressway invited a team from ELT Studio Lab to equip the English educators at the school with practical knowledge of the new software. This software is designed to help the students gain proficiency in the English language. The educators were given tools to assign lessons to students and share their feedback after assessment.

      The new feature called 'Lesson Studio' enables the teachers to evaluate assignments even when they are outside the school. The key highlight of the software is the access to parents. This keeps them updated about their child's progress during the language lab period.
        DPS organized an inter-grade public speaking competition. The top 5 students from each grade were selected to participate in the battle of words and wit. The students put up some dazzling performances and spoke eloquently on a variety of subjects. While most of the performances were praise worthy, the 3 best performances were awarded with position certificates. Each participant was also awarded with a participation certificate to encourage them to keep polishing their public speaking skills.
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