Co-Curricular Areas

Art & Craft Room

This room is fitted with creatively designed furniture and an abundance of all kinds of materials to motivate the children to experiment, explore, and create.

Clay Modelling Room

Children are delighted to mould clay on potter’s wheel and then see their creations being baked in the kiln in front of their eyes! The table tops are designed in a manner that allows them to knead and mould comfortably.

Music Room

The school offers both traditional and contemporary music forms. Children are given an opportunity to explore and learn all kinds of musical instruments ranging from Piano to Harmonium.

Dance Room

The room is equipped with special flooring and a provision for ballet as well as Indian classical dance forms.

Yoga Room

Yoga becomes a way of life for children at a very young age. They are introduced to yoga in a dedicated area which is peaceful and serene.

Play Field

Sports is an integral part of the curriculum at Delhi Public School. The school offers a wide range of sporting activities. 


The all time favourite swings area is fitted with rubberised flooring to ensure the safety of children.

Baby Gym

A well-ventilated space, designed for indoor sports activities with special rubberised flooring.

Table Tennis

The sport also known as ping pong is a fast paced competitive sport. Playing this game students tend to improve eye-hand coordination, stimulate mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy.


The school offers a state-of-art level synthetic court for Lawn Tennis.


The school believes in mastering the skill of control and concentration. Skating is compulsory from the formative years of the child to help him develop his major muscle groups.

Splash Pool

DPS has a colourful, child friendly and an attractive splash pool to encourage children to actively participate.

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