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Semester 2 PTM
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                       Semester 2 Parent-Teacher Meeting

                “Success does not lie in the results, but in efforts,

Being the best is not so important; doing the best is all that matters.”

A parent – teacher meeting is a great opportunity to make conversations between a child’s teacher and parent. It is held to discuss a student’s progress in school where the parents meet all the subject teachers to know about their wards’ intellectual and psychological development.

Delhi Public School, Sec. 102 A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon, conducted Semester 2 parent –teacher meeting for pre-primary and primary students on 18th March 2017 aiming to communicate the progress of the children to the parents where in the teachers shared their observation not only in scholastics and co-scholastic areas but also in behavioural issues. A number of parents reported to interact with the concerned teachers of their wards. The report cards specifying their wards’ performance in the second term were handed over to them. Wishing good luck for future, the teachers congratulated the students for being promoted to next class.    



    Health Check-up
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    Health Check-up

    “The first wealth is health.”

    Health check-ups in schools are important as they help to assess normal development of the child, to recognize the problems early and to recommend appropriate measure as well. To ensure students’ good health, a health check-up was organized at Delhi public School, Sec 102 A, Dwarka Express way, Gurgaon, on 1st March 2017 in collaboration with Miracles Mediclinic. A team of specialists which included Dr. Arshad (Physician) and Dr. Archna (Dentist) along with five nurses visited the school to conduct a variety of check-ups and tests. The aim of the camp was to raise awareness among the students about the importance of staying healthy and they were also advised on the importance of dental hygiene. Those who required specialized treatment were given prescriptions for the same. Annual Health Cards were also distributed to every student. Over all the health check-up was a great success.

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