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Adventure Camp
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                                                    Adventure Camp

            “Adventures are the best way to learn.”

Delhi Public School, Sec. 102A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon, organised an ‘Adventure Camp’ for students in school premises. The camp was conducted by ‘Rocksport’, an adventure based research organisation who has earned the honour of ‘Best Adventure Education Company in India’ at Education Excellence Awards in 2012 and ‘Best Physical Education Service Provider’ at Indian Education Congress in 2015, for its innovative activities and training techniques. Under the guidance of trained professionals and the supervision of school teachers our students experienced adventurous activities such as ‘Zip line’, ‘Burma Bridge’, ‘Hopscotch’, ‘Tug of War’, ‘Commando Crawl’, ‘Tunnel Crossing’ etc. The students got an opportunity to be together and had a wonderful time. The all day long activities resulted in developing various skills like team spirit, discipline, and physical fitness. The unique coordination between the instructor and the students made the day remarkable one. Outfitted in their sportswear, students had a jubilant and enriching experience. The day came to an end with some music and dance forming a remembrance for the students and the school as well.

                                         Parent-Teacher Conference

                                “When everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

    A Parent teacher conference is organised for having an interaction between parents and teachers to thoroughly scrutinize the academic performance of the child. Delhi Public School, Sec.102 A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon, conducted a parent teacher conference on 11th February 2017 for pre-primary and primary students to resolve concerns over a student’s academic or behavioural issues. Parents were given a comprehensive feedback of their ward in Booster Assessments and during class as well. They were also briefed about their ward’s strengths & zones of development. The conference came to an end with the conclusion that the progress of the students depends on the combined effort of parents & teachers.

    Sharing some glimpses of the conference.



      Science Olympiad
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                                                      Science Olympiad

                                                     “Science is not about why…….. It’s about why not?”

       Delhi Public School , Sector 102A , Dwarka Expressway  is associated with Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF ) to conduct Olympiads in an endeavour to develop a greater competitive spirit, better assessment and exploration of potential among students. SOF is an educational foundation and a non-profit organisation, set up in 1998, to promote scientific temper among school students. It encourages development of a scientific aptitude through innovative activities and use of information technology process across the globe.

       Our students from grade 1 to 4 participated in these Olympiads with full zest. The detailed analysis and results are valuable to the students as well as the parents for assessing the growth and development of their wards. Saksham Arora from grade 1, Hasan Wasif Khan from grade 2, and Sneeta Kumari from grade 4 brought laurels to the school by bagging Gold Medal in Science Olympiad where as other participants received Appreciation certificates. The Head Mistress Ms. Sumita Gupta  applauded the students for their efforts and encouraged them to stay in learning mode always.

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