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Staff Picnic
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                                                                                           Staff Picnic

                                  'Joyfully we undertake our daily work'

DPS, Sector 102 A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram, accepting the proverb ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ , organized a fun-filled day out for all its educators at Pratapgarh farm. The journey to and fro witnessed the exuberant teachers participating in Antakshri with some cheerful singing. The village concept with umpteen recreational activities provided innumerable memorable moments for the entire staff. The team enjoyed camel cart ride, bullock cart ride, tractor ride and camel ride. They participated with the rural men and women folk and tried their hands on cooking on hearth, grinding grain, making buttermilk and on potter’s wheel. Attempting some ethnic games like Gilli Danda, Lattoo, Kanche and Gulel (slingshot) took many of the team members to their childhood days. Teachers also tested their aiming skills in Air Gun Shooting and Archery. Tug of war saw the strength of team work and lot of cheering. The day concluded with synchronized rhythmic steps of the energized team on the dance floor. The team had a joyous day together and enjoyed doing all the unique activities thoroughly.


    Math Lab Workshop
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                                                                                       Date: 11th January’17


    ‘Learning is treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.’

    NIIT group conducted a Math lab workshop on 11th January for Math educators aiming to throw light on GSP (Geometrical Sketch Pad) software which can be used to draw geometrical figures using their properties. This approach towards students –centric explorative learning takes Math hands on making the students learn the concepts in fun and playful manner. Math educators learnt about the methodologies and tools which can be used to improve mathematical teaching practices. It was a wonderful session and a great experience for the teachers.

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