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Orange Day, 2017
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               Orange Day

‘Orange uplifts, gives confidence and always injects fun.’

On 8th Sep. 2017, Orange day was celebrated at DPS. Orange is a dynamic colour that stimulates imagination and creativity. Our little kids came dressed up in different shades of orange, shining brightly. The children learnt various things about orange colour which symbolizes enthusiasm, hope and prosperity. All the kids and educators were clad in orange attires. The classrooms were decked with orange balloons and our tiny tots enjoyed the activity of bursting balloons. Overall it turned out to be a remarkable day filled with fun and fervor.


    Sulekh Partiyogita
    Sulekh Partiyogita   ...Latest @

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                         VISIT TO AERO PLANET

      ‘School excursions are an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences.’

      A fun-filled and educative excursion to Aero Planet, Dwarka, New Delhi was organized for Dipsonians on 9th Sep. 2017. It was a great learning and thrilling experience for the students as they had an opportunity to see the airbus A-300 (airplane) stationed by Aero Planet in collaboration with Centre of Civil Aviation training. They were very excited while entering into a real aeroplane. They also got to know about the functioning of aircrafts and safety measures to be taken while travelling in airplane. They were also informed about oxygen masks, life jackets and emergency evacuation in case of emergency. Their pleasure was at the pinnacle when they watched magic show. It was really a memorable day filled with fun and frolic.



          ‘Teachers are those who help find strengths, drive away fears, overpower demons and conquer fears.’

        DPS organised ‘Just-A-Minute’ activity for grade III-V students on 5th Sep. 2017 wherein they were supposed to speak for one minute on the topic ‘Teacher or Guru’. Most of the students also added their favourite teacher’s name in their presentation. It was really a heart touching moment for all the teachers to hear such good things about themselves and also to know that ‘We are all loved.’ This activity not only helped them develop their vocabulary, speaking and communication skills, but their social and listening skills were also enhanced.

                              PRETEND PERFORMANCE

          ‘Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever.’

          Everyone, who remembers his own education, remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The Teacher is the heart of the educational system. Keeping this trend ongoing, we at DPS organized many activities for students on the occasion of ‘Teacher’s Day’. Grade I and II participated in a speaking activity ‘Pretend Performance’ on 5th Sep. 2017. They enacted as their favourite teachers and spoke a few lines about them. They looked colourful, vivid and enthusiastic. All the students made their teachers proud and were winners in their own strengths. The activity helped in development of confidence as well as improvement in the child’s speaking ability thus making children feel more encouraged and confident.

                         Teacher’s Day Celebration

                                     ‘A teacher’s words are the sparks that light up wicks of imagination in their students’ minds.’

            Teacher’s day Celebration at DPS was organized with incredible gusto and zeal. The event celebrated in the school campus, began with the address of the Head Mistress. In her address, she thanked the children for teaching her something new everyday. She also read out the message of the Chairman, DPS Society for all the educators. The ‘Sports Event’ started with a cricket Match between students and teachers. It was heartening to see students cheering for their teachers and students alike. After that Kho-Kho was played in which four teams competed against each other. Beside outdoor games , some indoor games like chess, carom, badminton, table tennis, fun races etc. were also enjoyed by all .The celebration ended with the Head Mistress giving badges of appreciation to all the teachers.Overall it was a great day for the students and a memorable day for the teachers, who were made to feel extra special on that day. 


              Ganesh Visarjan
              September, 2017   ...Latest @

                                                                 GANESH VISARJAN

                                        'The Lord neither arrives nor leaves. He has existed before time and will exist beyond.'

              Everybody loves to decorate Ganesh idols beautifully and celebrate Ganesh festival with great zeal. But the immersion of idols leave the most serious impact on environment as the idols made out of chemical materials cause significant water pollution. The toxic waste from these materials kills plant and animal life in the water bodies. Keeping this in mind on 4th September, students of DPS sector 102A, Gurugram celebrated an eco-friendly Ganesh Visarjan without harming the environment and other living beings.  As going green is the new mantra, students opted for unbaked clay - a natural and biodegradable material to make a small little idol of Lord Ganesha. After eleven days, the idol of Lord Ganesha was carried in a procession by grade V students and taking rounds in school campus, they assembled outside the school to attend the ‘Pep-Talk’ and gained more knowledge about the relevance of this festival. The celebration ended with the immersion of the idol of Lord Ganesha in an earthen pot full of water so that it does not pollute the surroundings and can be reused for planting. 

                                                                  FSSAI Campaign at DPS

                                    When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

                FSSAI conducted a campaign on ‘Safe and Nutritious Food’ under ‘FSSAI at school’ initiative on September 1st, 2017. As part of this initiative, mascots developed by FSSAI gave valuable tips regarding the importance of safe and nutritious food through an interactive skit. They advised the learners to purchase milk in tetra packs where adulteration chances are less. They also briefed about the significance of consuming fortified food, various deficiencies and how to take precautions against any kind of disease. After the skit, various open ended questions were asked which were enthusiastically answered by the learners. At the end of the campaign the Headmistress of DPS, Dwarka Expressway thanked the officials to have taken time to visit and enlighten the learners.

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