Examination System

As per C.B.S.E. the school will follow a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) that covers all aspects of the students’ development ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural & social development and not merely limited to academics.

PRE-PRIMARY (Pre-Nur, Nur & K.G.)

The academic year will be divided into Six Boosters. School will be conducting fun loving assessments which will be based on orals, activities, projects and worksheets. The child’s progress will be shared regularly on P.T.M’s through the grading system.


The academic year will have two terms:

FIRST TERM: April to September- Booster Assessment 1 & 2; Semester Assessment 1

SECOND TERM: October to March- Booster Assessment 3 & 4; Semester Assessment 2

Booster 1 + Booster 2 + Booster 3 + Booster 4 = 10+10+10+10 =40%

Semester 1 + Semester 2 = 30+30= 60%

Total = 100%

The child will be awarded grades based on his/her performance and a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at the end of the session.




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