Bookshop :
The School has a bookshop within the campus. Course books (for all classes), stationary items and the school uniform can be purchased from here. For the convenience of parents and students the bookshop remains open on all weekdays up to 4 o’clock.

Cafeteria :

With all the academia and extracurricular activities that keeps everyone on the toes, the cafeteria comes as one big reason to chill. The cafeteria is professionally managed and the variety of ‘quick bites’ it offers is sure to tempt you in. From vadas to brownies, and quick snacks to complete meals, everything is served here with as much attention to taste as to hygiene.

Playground :

Play ground is a different tool of education altogether. Besides the game it teaches team spirit, determination, focus and management. Above all it imparts the winning spirit. For all these reasons and more-All work along with lots of play, is the school mantra as far as sports go.

Gymnasium :

The students also have access to the school gym. Equipments as per the age and requirements have been installed with fitness being the key motive. n the cardio section we have the stepper, treadmill, exercising cycles, cross trainer and the rowing machine. In the strength training section we have the multi-gym and the free weights. Students are allowed to use these facilities in their PE period under expert supervision.

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